cold [kōld]
[ME < OE (Anglian) cald < IE base * gel-, cold > COOL, Ger kalt, L gelidus]
1. of a temperature significantly or noticeably lower than average, normal, expected, or comfortable; very chilly; frigid [a cold wind]
a) without the proper heat or warmth [this soup is cold]
b) without the proper heat, warmth, or warm-up period: said of tires, engines, etc.
3. dead
4. feeling chilled
5. without warmth of feeling; unfeeling; indifferent [a cold personality]
6. not cordial or kind; unfriendly [a cold reception]
7. sexually frigid
8. depressing or saddening; gloomy [to realize the cold truth]
9. not involving one's feelings; detached; objective [cold logic]
10. designating or having colors that suggest cold, as tones of blue, green, or gray
11. still far from what is being sought: said of the seeker
12. not strong or fresh; faint or stale [a cold scent ]
13. Informal unconscious [the boxer was knocked cold]
14. Informal unlucky or ineffective [a cold streak in baseball]
1. absolutely; completely [she was stopped cold ]
2. with complete mastery [the actor had the lines down cold]
3. with little or no preparation [to enter a game cold]
a) absence of heat; lack of warmth: often thought of as an active force
b) a low temperature; esp., one below freezing
2. the sensation produced by a loss or absence of heat
3. cold weather
4. a contagious, viral infection of the respiratory passages, esp. of the nose and throat, characterized by an acute inflammation of the mucous membranes, nasal discharge, malaise, etc.
catch cold or take cold
to become ill with a cold
cold comfort
little or no comfort at all
come in from the cold
to come out of exile, isolation, etc.; resume an active role
leave someone cold
to fail to arouse someone's interest
have cold feet or get cold feet
Informal to be (or become) timid or fearful
in the cold
ignored; neglected
throw cold water on
to be unenthusiastic about or toward; discourage

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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